It’s been a good while since I’ve “blogged.” as April pointed out. So uh… here’s an update on my life.

Pretty much, my life has been turned around completely the last few months. It’s looking like i probably won’t be going on that mission anymore… cause it’s looking like i’m gonna be married this year.

Speaking of that, Mark McCann has pretty much turned my life upside down the past few months. He’s everything i’ve ever wanted/needed in a guy and more. He’s perfect for me. It’s an awesome thing. I love it. I love him.

Recorded on another Jenny Phillips cd, this time the primary one. “I will follow God’s plan for me”. :)

Off track right now. For my first job as something other than food service… a call center. Oh well, it’s a job. I start fer real next week.

Night classes SUCK.

I don’t wanna be allergic to cats anymore.

I can’t stop eating these rainbow colored goldfish.

Happy 2011?