When the Road Divides

I recently finished the song “When the Road Divides” and got it recorded a couple days ago, just a rough demo. I started writing it when I was deciding between marrying mark vs. going on a full-time mission for my church. It’s about the struggle of deciding between two good things, and having to decide for yourself without receiving an answer of what the “best” option is from God. As Elder Bednar said in one of his addresses to missionaries, as long as we’re good boys and good girls, we won’t wander too far down a wrong path before God will make it known that it’s wrong. If we’re living worthy of His guidance, we will get it. However, we have to actually move our feet and decide before we will know- we can’t just stand idly waiting for the answers to come.

Anyway, that’s a way-too-long description of this song. Check it out!