Newly Weds.

Mark and I got married almost 6 months ago–May 28, 2011– in the LDS Sacramento Temple. We’ve spent the last few months learning how wonderful (and crazy frustrating at times) married life is. We’ve learned more about each other than we thought we would (when you’re engaged and infatuated you think you know every hair on their head… ha!). But despite the fact that he drives me crazy with his gross boy noises and tendency to not wash his hands after he uses the bathroom, and despite the fact that I can be a bit of a slob and have a tendency to have to pee in the middle of movie climax’s, we’re hanging in there :)

We’ve been blessed in many ways, especially through all the loving support with friends and family. Thanks again to all those who came to our receptions and helped us get started with our marriage–If you haven’t gotten a thank you card, you’re not the only one. I have spent the entire summer/fall telling myself that “Today i will finish writing thank you cards.” It’s gonna happen, i promise.

This past summer we lived in Oregon while Mark did his internship. We were blessed to be within miles of the Daine’s family (Mark’s sister Meg and her husband and kiddos). It was great to be able to be close to family and spend so much time with them. We were also blessed to see Mark’s parents for his 24th birthday, followed by the 4th of July the next day. What a great summer!

We packed up our new car to it’s absolute capacity and drove the long, exciting (not) drive to Rexburg, Idaho. We’re both attending school this fall, just staying busy and working hard (and watching plenty of Monk).

Mark is working hard on his portfolio and website, as well as working on websites for other “clients.” He spends most of his time stressing out over his super-hard classes and helping me clean and continue to “move in” to our apartment. He’s still got a couple years of school yet,  but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

I’ve been working on getting my music more “out there” this summer– did a recording, bought a web page ( is under construction), and am just figuring out where to go from here. I’m also busy with 16 credits of school, with my hardest class being sewing. Ha. It’s fun though. I’m also becoming quite the cook, if i may so 😉

Holidays are coming up! Thanksgiving will be spent in Rexburg this year with my sister Brittney and her family, as well as Mark’s little sister, Molly. My parents are traveling to Idaho (from Georgia) for Christmas break this year. So excited for the Holidays! Pretty sure we’ve beaten everyone at putting Christmas Decor up (well… except walmart.)

So this is us! I will keep this more updated on what’s going on with us so our friends and family can keep up 😉