So, we are officially about 6 weeks away from moving away from Rexburg, ID. And we still have no idea where we’re heading. Well, we have an idea, but we still won’t know for sure for probably a few weeks. Gonna be cutting it close, and I don’t know about you guys, but this whole not having control over what’s happening thing is pretty crazy!

I’ve also been stressing out about where we’ll live. How long we’ll rent an apartment. How soon we should buy a home. How we’ll furnish and decorate and how soon. The inner interior designer in me is just ITCHING to paint some walls, and the idea of moving to another apartment I can’t change to my own needs bums me out.

However, I was just looking through some old baby pictures of me and my sister. Instead of just staring at our adorable faces (and my enormous body), I paid attention to the background of the pictures. The furniture wasn’t that nice. In one picture, there was wall paper coming off one wall. We were always in transition, never stayed anywhere longer than 6 years. We didn’t live in an official “house” until I was 13 years old.

But I didn’t think about that back then. I didn’t care what the couch looked like… Heck, I peed on our couch. I didn’t care about the color of the walls or how the place was decorated or if I had the nicest clothes. My mom loved us so much and was always with us, and my dad came home from work every day and gave us the biggest hugs. And we were happy and content.

Changes in scenery were exciting. Mistakes and messes were common. I spent most of my time making forts and playing with dirt and barbies.

My life wasn’t perfect. There were hard times, and I’m sure my parents dealt with stresses that I had no idea about. But the point is, I don’t remember that. And it’s comforting to know that my children will not be disappointed in me if things aren’t perfect.

I’ve decided to live in the moment, instead of stressing out over being “settled” somewhere. Life is always changing, and so am I.

So here’s to never being settled, never feeling prepared for what’s ahead, and looking for the best in whatever life throws at us.

Lava Hot Springs

I had my first real “gig” on Valentines day. Check out their hotel/restaurant here:


What a wonderful establishment to perform at! We got a free room for the night, access to private hot spring baths, and the owner treated us to dinner after the show. Plus, the place is almost 100 years old and has so much character!

I am so grateful for this experience! Not gonna lie, I basically had an anxiety attack the day before when I realized I had barely practiced, did not even know enough songs to fill 3 hours of time, and didn’t have an amp or p.s. system. However, thanks to my wonderful husband, I was reminded that I can turn to God with these kinds of concerns, as insignificant as they may seem. So I did.

Things I learned from this performance: 

1. I am far better off singing my own music. And that’s okay. I don’t need to sound just like another artist, I can just be me. 

2. People respond more to happy, upbeat music. Even old people. 

3. People don’t care about mistakes if you don’t. 

4. Music actually does impact people and make a difference. I think I’d forgotten that for a while. 

and 5. I need to get out and perform more. 

Oh, And I should probably make a business card. Feels super lame, but I had someone ask me if I had one. How cool is that? And my husband just happens to be a graphic designer. Perfect!

And I had someone come up and tell me they’d heard me on the internet, and wanted me to perform “Different Shoes” for them because his daughter was getting married soon. That made my night.

That, and the unexpected pile of cash I ended up with by the end of the night. No wonder my dad enjoyed gigging at bars and restaurants so much!

So many times I felt God moving my fingers on the keys when I didn’t know where they should go. I am so grateful for this renewing experience, and am excited share my music wherever we go!

Grown Ups.

So, got some new exciting developments in our lives!

and no, I’m not pregnant. Let’s just get that out there.

Turns out, instead of both of us graduating in July this year like we’d planned, Mark will graduate in April (like 2 months!) and me in December. Turns out I have more credits left than I thought, and Mark doesn’t need another internship. I’ve switched my minor to one I can do completely online, so come April, we could me moving anywhere!

I’d say I’m happy we’re leaving Idaho, but…. No, I think that’s mostly a good thing :)

Mark’s already got companies calling him and interviewing him, and is in contact with a few other great businesses. We’ll see what happens!

Looks like we’re finally almost in the stage of our lives called “real life.” Can’t wait to get started!

Love, Erica and Mark