As of Saturday, the hardest part of moving is OVER! Thanks to the helping hands of so many, we were able to get all the furniture moved to the house. There’s still lots to do, but at least we aren’t living in two places anymore. What a relief!

We love our new place, but will miss our apartment. We had a great little set up there and enjoyed our stay very much. I had Mark take some pictures of our apartment to remember it by. I know that’s probably silly, but I wanted to remember it as our last place being just “ours” before we start our family. Plus I wanted to show off how we decorated the place 😉

It’s been a great place to be, but we are so ready to be done with apartment living. And even though we’re technically still renting, it feels SO good to be in a house. We can pretend it’s ours for now :)

 It’s gonna take us a few weeks to get everything all set up inside, but I’m excited to post pictures of what we get done!

Also, this neighborhood has so many stray cats. It’s basically heaven.



We are SO ready to just be done moving.

While it’s a bummer we didn’t get anyone to take over our lease for the last month and a half of the apartment contract, it’s been a blessing that we haven’t had to move super fast. We’ve been able to take our time, move one load of boxes a day (if that), work on painting the bedrooms, get craigslist furniture, and really just work on getting everything together, while not overwhelming ourselves.

It’s also been nice for me to have time to work on some projects (pictures coming soon)–lots of sanding and painting and fixing up furniture and whatnot. So much to do before baby comes!

However, because I’ve been so busy at the house during the day trying to get these projects done, I’ve been falling behind on keeping up with the apartment. So while it’s been nice to take our time, I am really looking forward to not having to try to keep up with two places.

Mark as been wonderfully supportive and helpful, not to mention tolerating all of my crazy projects (him agreeing to let me paint the coffee table yellow was kind of a shocker for me!). This week is going to be crazy, but I’m glad we’re in this together.

Baby is moving around like CRAZY. Most of the time I love it, sometimes it just feels really bizarre, and sometimes it hurts (he’s getting strong!). But it’s such a wonderful reminder of the things to come. Mark had the side of his face against my belly the other day and said it felt like he was trying to kick his way out :) Soon enough, bud!

Seriously though, soon would be nice. Of course I want him to be healthy and developed, but I am definitely looking forward to not being pregnant anymore. As much as I love this maddening itchy skin, crying at literally anything and everything, not being able to sleep, and waddling when I walk, not to mention being on this strict gestational diabetes diet… Yeah. Come out out!

We finished our first of three baby prep classes (this one was 7 hours long over two days… whew!). It was a bit overwhelming for both of us, but definitely helped us feel more prepared. Looking forward to continuing the classes and getting more prepared!

Life is good. It’s busy, and stressful, but so good.