As of Saturday, the hardest part of moving is OVER! Thanks to the helping hands of so many, we were able to get all the furniture moved to the house. There’s still lots to do, but at least we aren’t living in two places anymore. What a relief!

We love our new place, but will miss our apartment. We had a great little set up there and enjoyed our stay very much. I had Mark take some pictures of our apartment to remember it by. I know that’s probably silly, but I wanted to remember it as our last place being just “ours” before we start our family. Plus I wanted to show off how we decorated the place 😉

It’s been a great place to be, but we are so ready to be done with apartment living. And even though we’re technically still renting, it feels SO good to be in a house. We can pretend it’s ours for now :)

 It’s gonna take us a few weeks to get everything all set up inside, but I’m excited to post pictures of what we get done!

Also, this neighborhood has so many stray cats. It’s basically heaven.


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