Tunnel Vision.

I’m almost 36 weeks. That’s pretty darn far along. I know the end is in sight, but the light at the end of the tunnel is being eclipsed by my large belly.

The fatigue I experienced during the first trimester was nothing compared to how I’ve been feeling. All I want to do is sleep. Walking up the stairs is like running a marathon. Sometimes I’ll get a burst of energy, usually at night when I should be sleeping, but usually I’m just a zombie.

Some sickness has come back. I haven’t thrown up or anything, but I find myself in a general state of nausea throughout the day and night.

I constantly have heartburn and indigestion. Like, it’s just always there. And between that and the baby kicking me in my rib cage, the nausea persists.

You know those cute creases that babies get around their wrists and ankles when they’re super chubby and adorable? I’ve got those around my swollen ankles. And let me tell you, they’re not adorable.

I’m always hot and sweaty. Just… always.

37 weeks is approaching. I know I should just wait and take it easy and let nature take it’s course, but it’s going to take all my will power to not start going on excessive walks, eating spicy food, and going on bumpy car rides at that point.

I’m also very happy, in case you couldn’t tell. I can’t wait to meet our little blessing. I can’t wait to get to know him and love him. And Mark has been wonderfully understanding and patient with me these days. He’s been working so hard and I love him and our life together. I know this is the step that God wants us to take in our marriage, and I am so excited to start this chapter together.

But sheesh, let’s get this DONE!

My Ring.

I love my wedding ring.

I love looking down at my hand and seeing it sparkle. I love that Mark got is designed just for me, and that the diamond was his Grandmother’s. I think I’ve only taken it off my finger 2 or 3 times since I first put it on. I was determined to never lose it or have anything happen to it.

I noticed recently that my ring started looking extra tight on my finger. I’ve been putting off trying to get it off because it’s always been hard to get off, but with lotion I could eventually wiggle it off. I figured I’d be able to do that when I got swollen in late pregnancy.

I tried the normal stuff, you know, slippery soap, lotion, etc. Nope.

I looked on google and found a couple of “miracle solutions for stuffy pregnant woman fingers” like spraying Windex on your finger, or threading floss between your finger and the ring, wrapping it around to cut off circulation and squeeze the swelling up to the tip, and then sliding the ring off… Nope. Just made it worse.

I saw a few people say Preparation H, which is anti-inflammatory cream for hemorrhoids. Ew, but I tried it. Nope.

I got more and more frustrated, and my finger got more and more raw and swollen. I cried like a baby while Mark tried to wriggle it off my stubby digit, and eventually we gave up for a while.

I put my finger in ice water, elevated it, put more hemorrhoid cream on it, and started the floss trick again. My finger started turning purple almost immediately, and I knew what had to be done.

Time to get it cut off.

I was really hoping I wasn’t too late. Everyone was telling me how you want to be sure to get it off before it’s so bad it has to be cut off. I guess I thought it just wouldn’t happen to me. Ha.

We went to the mall close by and went to Kay’s, and they proceeded to use their special tool to try to saw it off. After about 30 minutes, the saw had basically just scratched through it. The band was just too thick. They found another tool, a little sharper, but it still didn’t get it done. We ended up going to a little jewelry repair pit stop place down the hall, and within 5 minutes he had sawed through, and used pliers to finish the job.

It’s definitely a bummer, to say the least. I love that ring. But I also love my fingers, and I didn’t want to lose one. And the ring I can repair once the swelling goes down and the kid is born, but my finger would be a little harder to salvage. I felt super guilty for letting it get this far, but Mark just teased me and put my mind at ease. Love that man.

And hey, I’m sure down the road, this will be a funny story to me. Right now it’s just kind of a bummer. But one day, we can laugh about it.

Rest in piece, you fine piece of Jewelry. Till we meet again.