One of those days…

Yesterday I decided I would run some errands. Mark was working from home, so I could take the car.

I loaded up Jake, a bunch of stuff for Goodwill, and some returns I needed to make, and headed out. It was one of my first times taking Jake out by myself, but what’s the worst that could happen?

First stop was The Magnolia Pancake Haus to have breakfast with Nicole and her cute little girl.

My baby of course had a blow out while there. You know, ooze all over his car seat and whatnot. But at least breakfast was delicious, and the company great.

Then I took him to get his PKU done (which I was supposed to get done, like, a week after he was born). He was a champ! Didn’t cry at all, even though they had to prick his heel twice to get enough blood. He was awesome.

Then we got in the car, and he decided it was the perfect time to start screaming.

He cried all the way to The Burlington Coat Factory.

I parked the car quickly, took the keys out of ignition, and hurried to get Jake out of the backseat. I took him out of his car seat, slipped my keys into the pocket of my diaper bag (also in the backseat), and reached for the bag.

Then the door closed. Before I got my hand in the door to get my bag.

See where I’m going with this?

Luckily, my phone was in my pocket, not in my bag. Which was in the backseat. Of the car. Locked.

By the way, Jake was still screaming through all of this.

I hurried inside the building and entered a big lobby (one where my baby’s screams could echo beautifully throughout). I tried calling Mark like 10 times before I finally downloaded the “Find my iPhone app” which Mark always uses to “page me” when I don’t answer my phone. Finally he heard the phone beeping upstairs and called me back, and I explained my dilemma.

Then I hung up on him, because Jake was STILL screaming, and everyone was staring at me, presumably thinking what a horrible mom I was for not tending to her baby’s needs.

I figured he probably needed to nurse, but I did not have my nursing cover.

He kept screaming. I decided I didn’t care if I flashed a bunch of strangers.

I took off my button up shirt (luckily I was wearing a cap sleeve underneath) and used it as a cover (even though it was a sheer material). And of course when I was attempting to get my baby to latch, a bunch of men kept walking by the bench I was on. Of course.

Anyway. Long story short, I called Mark back, and I got in touch with Karen, a sweet lady in my church, who offered to pick up Mark and his car keys, and bring him to me. What a life saver.

Everything turned out okay. Even if I didn’t get all my errands done. And the whole thing sucked, but I’m so grateful to be apart of a church community where people are so willing to take time out of their days to help others.

And the moral of the story is, ALWAYS have your keys in your hand or pocket… not inside a locked car.

Potty Talk.

So, yesterday (Sunday) I got Jake all dressed up with a cute little white dress shirt and plaid shorts.

During the first hour of church, he spit up all over it. Like, 3 times.

Then, during primary, he started pooping. Mark was holding him, just letting him do his thing until he was done so we could go change him. Then it started oozing out the top of his shorts.

So we both run out, holding a burp rag on his bum to contain the craziness. We got to a family bathroom and conquered the mess (which got pretty much everywhere).

Once he’s all cleaned and his outfit is changed, we got back to primary, only to find out that there is a nice little splat where his ooze had fallen on the carpet. So I spent the next 10 minutes getting paper towels, scrubbing up my baby’s crap off the floor while the rest of the children sang songs.

Then he spit up a few more times. And I had to change him. And change his clothes. Again.

Oh, and when changing his diaper at home later that day, he totally peed on my face.

And yet, I love him all the more for all his messy cuteness.

Also, my husband is the best. I get these projects in my head, get all the stuff for them, and intend to do them, but then he takes over and does his design thing, and makes it look way better than I would have.

I got the idea to do a Menu planner from this blog:

And here’s how mine turned out:

It’s awesome, and makes planning meals out SO much easier! Ours is a lot simpler than a lot of the designs out there, but we like it better that way :) Mark turned jello boxes into the little boxes that hold the menu cards, and I spray painted the clothes pins. It was a fun project!

And yes, on Saturday we’re making Hot Cats. Same thing as Hot Dogs, but we like cats better.

AND! I FINALLY finished our wedding scrapbook! I have had this perfect yellow scrapbook in the closet for years just waiting to be filled, and I finally got it all done! So proud of myself.

I’m one happy mama.