All I want for Christmas…

…Is my two front teeth. Said Jake. And that is what he got!

I’m upstairs listening to Jake giggle downstairs with Daddy, which is such a wonderful sound. Especially after the past few terrible nights we have had with him.

He basically couldn’t sleep unless he was laying on Mark’s chest, or nursing with me. So we have had to pass him back and forth all night, with lots of screaming and crying in between. And it’s been exhausting.

First we thought teething.

Then we thought ear ache.

Growth spurt?

Scared of being alone in his room?

Just loves his mommy and daddy too darn much?!

Then today, we figured it out.

Diaper rash.

How did I miss that?! Of course the poor kid wasn’t sleeping well!

So, that’s figured out now.

Christmas was nothing short of wonderful. Mostly because my husband is amazing.

[Side note: Does anyone else feel like Christmas is a competition? Every year after we open presents I kind of feel like a failure. Mostly cause Mark cheats and goes above and beyond. And mostly cause he’s super picky and particular and he just picks out his own stuff so there’s like, no surprise. One of these days I WILL WIN!]

This morning I was truly humbled and so grateful I married a man who really cares about me and my ambitions.

He MADE that vocal booth stand. Like, went to Home Depot, got those grate thingies, metal rod thingies, foam pad thingies, and made it into a legit vocal booth so that I can record myself singing without the background noise.

And he splurged and got me an iPad mini, and a connector so I can plug it into the keyboard, record that, and then take it into the closet to record vocals. SO much easier than trying to drag the iMac everywhere.

I feel so blessed to be with a man who is willing to invest so much into what I love doing.

Wide Asleep.

Right now, I am sitting at the computer (obviously, I’m like, typing this) right next to Jake’s room. I can hear him talking. Fussing a little. It’s midnight. I just put him down. As in, for the first time tonight.

I don’t know what to do!

Honestly, I haven’t been stressing about it. I’ve heard/seen so many situations where parents gave themselves so much stress over getting their baby to bed “on time” every night. Lots of tears, lots of frustration, lots of tension between the parents, and that’s not something I want.

So pretty much every night we just hangout. All three of us, chilling till like, 1am.

Is that normal?

It’s hard because Mark wants to spend time with him.

“Mark, we should try to get him down.”

“He’s not tired.”

“So? We need to try. We need to get him into a routine.”

“But look how happy he is!”

Mark will then proceed to tickle Jake.

And I give up. Because honestly, I love our evenings together. Jake is in such a good mood at night and it’s a lot of fun.

However, everything is starting to feel… off.

Like, I get him down sometime between midnight at 2am. He’s up at 4. Then he’s up when Mark leaves for work. Then I just keep him in bed with me and we fall back asleep until noon.

This has been going on ever since we got back from our trip.

Is it teething? Is he still recovering from travel? Am I just a bad mom who lets her kids party all night and sleep all day? Is he always going to want to do this? Should I just put him in his crib at 8pm and say “Go to sleep. Now.” and that be that?

What I would give to go back to the days when he would sleep from 9pm to 7am. Stupid teeth.