Spongebob and Repentance.

Guys. I used to be one of those people that were too cool for the pineapple under the sea.

Then I married Mark. And I discovered that the super sexy stud of a man I was engaged to was actually an 11 year old boy.

And I’m hooked.

We used to watch a little here and there back in the day, but took a break.

But now we’re watching it again. With Jake. And oh my gosh. It’s hilarious.

Maybe my sense of humor has changed now that I live with boys. But goodness. I love it.

Anyway. My website is working again. Thanks to my IT nerd husband, who essentially turned it off and then on again.

I’m in the process of getting some MP3’s on here for you to download. So that will be fun!

OH, and remember that coffee table I got for $10 off craigslist forever ago? I’m sure you don’t. But I did a poor job painting it, barely doing any prep work, and definitely not priming. I thought ceiling paint would work for that. Nope.

And no matter how many layers of polyacrylic I lathered on, the paint kept peeling off whenever I put things on it.

So I finally gave in, and got the stuff to strip the paint off and start over. Months ago.

And today I decided I would just “strip the paint real quick” during Jake’s nap time.

Holy cow. It’s a job.

It’s taking a LOT of work. I didn’t know my fingers could sweat, but they did, all cooped up inside the chemical-proof gloves I had on.

But I’m planning on making it a chalk-board table for Jake. So hopefully it won’t take TOO much longer.

Also, isn’t that kind of like sin and repentance?

If I had just waited and prepped/primed/painted like I was supposed to, following directions, and taking my time, I wouldn’t have had such a messy, miserable project on my hands now.

But thank goodness we are given ways we can fix our mistakes. There’s no coffee table so crappily painted that some paint stripper and sweat can’t fix it, and no problem is too messy for our Savior to clean.

Does that make sense? It does to me. Makes me want to do things the right way the first time, cause repentance is hard work! But thank goodness we have that to fall back on, because heaven knows we don’t usually do things right the first go around :)

Anyway. I’m gonna go put on some LuLaRoe leggings and watch spongebob. After getting Jake into his Star Wars jammies.


Love Coupons.

You know that cop-out gift we all do sometimes? Coupons? For Fathers Day and what not?

One free foot rub. 

One movie night. I’ll make the popcorn. <3<3<3 

One day without talking back. 

Well, today Mark surprised me with coupons. I have to say, I’ve never been on the receiving end of these (that I can remember) but I am now convinced they are not always a cop-out.

I’m so freaking excited about my “Markoupons”

He made punch cards. Five of them. And on each card there’s five little spots to punch as I redeem each thing five times.

Shut it. I’m right.

(I can’t tell you how many arguments we’ve had when I’ve just been like “Come on! Just shut up and let me be right for once!!”) 

Doing Dishes. 

(Enough said.) 

You pick the movie. 

(This card only has three punches. Cause he didn’t want to deal with five whole chick flicks. Figures.)

Alone time. 

(I can’t tell you how precious it is to have alone time. Like, where Mark is watching Jake and I get to just like, be alone.) 

Back scratches. 

(Literally, this is all I’ve ever wanted in life. And he HATES doing it. So this is just priceless.) 

He wins this year.

Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!

and P.S. Adding a Downloads page soon. Yippee!


Feeling the love.

I’m too lazy to remember to take pictures and post them. And Mark made me feel lame for taking pictures of the cake I made tonight. So no wonder I’m terrible about it.

But if I weren’t tired and ready for bed, I would post cute pictures from today. Pictures that I would have remembered to take.

This would be a picture of Mark and I all dressed up in our Valentines best this morning, outside of Kneaders.

This would be a picture of me holding my delicious breakfast sandwich, next to Mark with his stack of all-you-can-eat french toast. Both of us would be holding bites up to our mouths like, “Agh! You caught us candidly eating! Whoops!”

This would be a picture of me and Mark standing outside the San Antonio LDS temple, looking all spiritual and in love.

Here’s a picture of the mini-heart shaped pizzas I made for dinner. Actually, here’s a step-by-step picture demonstration of how I made the pizza dough from scratch, and used cookie cutters to make said shapes. And here’s a picture of me bringing plates of them out to feed the neighborhood kids all evening.

And here’s that picture of the Valentines strawberry cake I made from scratch. With cream cheese/whipped cream frosting.

Oh, and here’s a picture of Jake and his buddies all sitting on the couch eating popcorn in their cute little bowls while watching Cars.

And here’s a picture of my cats. They’re the best.



Mark: Hey Erica, you know how I wanted to get that NAS drive for our movies that had a terabyte of space and blah blah blah….. and all that?

Me: Mhm… yeah…. [as I scroll down my Facebook feed]

Mark: Well this new Halo game is going to take up blah blah space! I should have gotten the bigger drive! Because blah blah blah

Me: Gotcha.

Mark starts to walk away, and I call after.

Me: Hey, you know how I was just half-listening to you? Let me read you this funny article I just saw on my Facebook feed. Just half listen ok?

Mark: Ok. [Starts walking down stairs.]

Me: Hey where are you going?

Mark: I’m just gonna be down here. If you hear the XBOX turn on, that’s just the sound of me listening.



Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

So, I wrote a new song a couple weeks ago, and finished it last night. I’m already failing at this “one video a month” new years resolution, but hey, It’s only February. I can still catch up.

This song started coming to me on a bad hair day. I was feeling insecure about my short, thin, scraggly hair, and I started picturing all those chicks on Pinterest with their long hair in waterfall braids or other fancy up-do’s, and naturally started feeling insecure about the rest of me, too. I’ve never really been happy with how I look. And I know I’m not the only one.

We all have things we’d like to change about ourselves, and it can be a challenge to not compare ourselves to others who we feel have it all. But we need to stop it!

I am awesome. You are awesome. Just as we are. But for those insecure bloated bad-hair days, here’s this song. Might not make you feel much better, but it helped me as I was writing it. I just kept thinking “Gosh, why am I so mean to myself? I wish I could go back in time and stop this negative chain of negativeness.”

So, here’s the lyrics to Mirror, Mirror, and the link.


I wish I had long hair
down to my waist
in cascading waves
or waterfall braids.

I wish I
had a slimmer waist,
a prettier face,
skinnier legs,

I wish I
didn’t feel the need

to always compete
with those around me.

I wish I didn’t have these

Self destructive tendencies
Unrealistic fantasies,
expectations I can’t reach
that feed on all my insecurities.
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
stop being so critical.
Show me I’m not so bad after all.

I wish I could go back
and tell younger me
that I was pretty
enough, don’t worry.

I wish I
had learned back then
to be confident
inside my own skin.

I wish I could go back
but since I can’t,
I’ve gotta find a way
to stop living with these

Self destructive tendencies
Unrealistic fantasies,
expectations I can’t reach
that feed on all my insecurities.
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
stop being so critical.
Show me I’m not so bad after all.

Mirror, show me, help me find
the beauty that lies behind

Self destructive tendencies
Unrealistic fantasies,
expectations I can’t reach
that feed on all my insecurities.
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
stop being so critical.
Help me see I’m not so bad after all.


Free Willy!

Yesterday we went to Sea World. And oh. My. Gosh.

IMG_3330I literally just about cried at every show. Tears were in my eyes. I love whales so much. And dolphins. And sea lions. And beluga whales. And cats. Only thing that would have made it better is cats.

It was so much fun to watch Jakes eyes light up watching the giant fishies do their tricks. God did SO GOOD making these amazing creatures.

Also, I started fantasizing about becoming one of those water suit people who get pushed around by a dolphin nose. Like, how does one get into that line of work? How can I get a piece of that glorious pie?

It probably wouldn’t work since I barely know how to blow bubbles out of my nose under water. But a girl can dream.


Life right now.

So, here’s whats up with me.

My son will be two soon, and he’s already living up to the terrible twos I’ve heard so much about. I love that boy so much it hurts but GOODNESS, can I just change his diaper without being kicked to death? And can he PLEASE just eat ONE vegetable or SOMETHING?!

Could be worse. At least he’s eating. Even if its only my protein shakes (I sneak spinach into them, but don’t tell him!)

My husband is still amazing. I’m just going to ignore the fact that the terrible, terrible sounds of Orcs being mutilated is blasting on the TV downstairs while he violently murders them all. I thought The Lord of the Rings was over, but nope. Thanks to XBOX, the Shadow of Mordor lives on.

Could be worse. Could be War of Worldcraft or whatever its called.

I am trying to find the time to record and make more YouTube videos. But this toddler stuff is seriously demanding! And there’s cats everywhere all the time!

I keep telling myself i’m only 24 (almost 25! eeeek!) and that I have time to accomplish my dreams and change the world and all that crap. But sometimes it feels like I’m never going to get there.

Could be worse. At least I made giant heart shaped fleece pillows for our couch for Valentines Day. And little throw pillows for our bed. And a pillow cover for a couch pillow. Literally, I spent an entire 3-hour Jake-nap-block making pillows. So I guess that’s something.

OH! I got contact lenses. That’s sort of cool! I haven’t worn them since like, high school. And they’re as annoying as I remember. But it beats having Jake almost break my glasses every day. “Ha! Try to peel these suckers off my eyes! I dare you punk!”

I don’t actually call my son punk.

and I really hope he doesn’t try to peel my contacts off my eyes. That would be traumatic for the both of us.