The hard parts.

Most of the time, parenting is amazing. My days with Jake a pretty predictable. We have a system. We wake up. Take daddy to work. Go to the gym. Come home. Have lunch. Go down for a nap. And then I can spend 2-3 hours either cleaning, crafting, or napping.

But this week he’s decided to change things up a bit. And it’s ruining my life.

Not really. But a couple days ago he would NOT go down for a nap. I tried everything. But after 3-4 attempts to put him down, he would just stand in his crib and bawl his baby eyes out.

And of course he fell asleep on the way to pick up Mark from work.

Then yesterday he took a four hour nap. Amazing.

Then today he refused to nap again. Literally, he was just off and on crying for 40 minutes. I would just listen and he would stop for a couple minutes and my whole body would relax as I thought he was finally succumbing to sleep… but then the crying would pick up even worse.

And so we got him up. And we’ve all been grumpy today because of that missed precious nap.

I literally don’t know what I’m going to do if his napping days are over. I will just die. Or pull my hair out. Or go insane.

And then he’s all sweet and perfect and cuddly and I can’t be mad at him for just wanting to be up exploring and playing. But goodness boy, just nap! I carried you around for nine months and then let you literally suck the life out of me for a year. Please child. Just let mama take a nap.

Anyway. We got our garden tower up for round two! All 50 spots are filled with everything from tomatoes to watermelon. Hopefully this summer will yield better results than our carrot balls from the fall.

This blog really is supposed to be for my music stuff. But you know what, if you care about my music, you probably care about my life and random ramblings, too. Cause this is the stuff songs are made of anyway. I’m probably gonna write a song called “Go the bleep to sleep.” And all my mom friends are gonna play it on repeat.

[but seriously, have you seen that book The “Go the bleep to sleep” book? I’m a terrible, terrible person for even peeking inside. And for thinking it was kind of hilarious. Don’t judge me.]


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