The Condiment Stash.

You know when you go to a fast food place and grab a couple extra ketchups or whatever? For that¬†drawer or plastic bag that we never touch but for some reason exists because it’s free stuff and we might need it one day?

We all do it. Well, at least I assume so. We have a nice little baggy of ketchups and what not, a reasonable amount. And when I go to Chik-Fil-A I always ask for a couple extra Chik-Fil-A sauces because it’s crack and i need to have some at home for our Costco chicken nuggets.

So, I went to Chik-Fil-A the other day, just to grab a sandwich. I placed my order, and stood near the condiment cornucopia where they keep all the goods.

And then there was this guy.

The counter lady handed him his sandwich and fries. He took the paper bag with his goods. And then went to work.

He literally grabbed like three massive handfuls of every thing they had.

Salt packets. Pepper packets. Ketchup packets. Mustard packets. Mayonnaise packets. Little packages plastic utensils. Napkins. Like, he just kept filling the bag until it was almost overflowing. And then just walked out.

I tried so hard not to laugh. But oh my gosh. This guy had some serious hoarder issues. And it made my day.

And now I kind of want to find him and give him our stash. This guy clearly cares more about them than I do.

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