So, I feel super lame. I announced that we are pregnant with baby #2 last Sunday, and I didn’t realize how soon Mothers Day was. That would have been such a fun day to announce it! Oh well.

I am 14 weeks along, and so relieved to have survived the first trimester. Pregnancy is hard, and it’s definitely not my favorite part of motherhood (at least not those first few months where you just feel yucky and tired all the time). But things are getting better, and we are so excited to have a new spirit join our family.

(Side note: Soon we will have to get a 4th cat, so that every human accounted for also has a feline friend.)

(P.S. I’m mostly kidding. We’re already one cat away from crazy.)

I feel a little bad for complaining about anything pregnancy related, because I know so many people struggle with getting pregnant at all. I had a miscarriage last October, which I talked about pretty publicly, but we had another one in January that we were more private about. Both were so hard, but we were blessed with a positive pregnancy test the very next month. Pregnancy is challenging in so many ways, but we are so grateful that it’s happening.

Also, I have gestational diabetes again. Bummer. But it’s probably for the best; I need to get control of these carb cravings, and being forced to definitely helps my will power. Heh.

Jake is turning TWO this week! They say these first years are short and precious, and they are right. He’s such a big boy now and brings us so much joy sometimes we just want to scream. Is that weird?

As far as music goes, I just wrote a new song that I’m excited to share. I started writing it because I was hating morning sickness so much, which sounds super lame. But the song ended up with a message that I think can relate to lots of difficult things in life. So yeah! Now that I’m getting some energy back I’m going to get back to recording.

Anyway! Happy Mothers Day. I’m so grateful for my own mom, as well as all the maternal figures in my life. And I am so grateful that I get to be a mommy, too.

Also, if you want to cry and feel feelings, watch this.