Live at Fralo’s Tonight

Hey! If you feel like eating pizza in the sweltering San Antonio sun tonight, I’ll be playing at Fralo’s! Should be fun! Hopefully my large pregnant belly won’t get in the way as I lug my equipment around.

I love playing live. It’s one of my favorite things ever. And this place is so much fun. It’s pet friendly and family friendly and their pizza is seriously awesome.

Hope to see you there!


Remember me? How I used to blog and stuff? My website was down for like, a month. And things have been absolutely nuts and we haven’t had time to fix it. Till yesterday.

So hi!

First off, it’s Father’s Day.

I am so grateful for my own daddy, cause I never ever doubted how much he loved me. He worked so hard to provide for us and be there for everything we needed, and made our stomachs hurt from laughing too hard. He’s a wonderful man and helped me know what kind of man I should marry.

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And yes, I was a massive baby.

Which leads me to my baby daddy. I am so grateful for my husband and for the wonderful father he has become. I almost had my doubts when I was pregnant with Jake cause he always said that babies were gross and that he wouldn’t even touch ours till he turned 3 and was fun to play with. But the second Jacob was born all those teases and jokes vanished and he became a different person. He frequently refers to Jake as his “best friend,” and they really do have an incredible relationship. I look forward to seeing him grow with and love each of our children.

IMG_1365 IMG_3519IMG_3606

And speaking of children, we found out that we are having a GIRL.

Like. A female human.

It’s crazy. I’m FINALLY not going to be completely outnumbered any more (considering all three of our kitties are guys, too).

We really didn’t see that coming. We always thought we were gonna just have a house full of boys. And I have no idea how to french braid. And sassy little attitudes terrify me. But we will figure this out! And we are beyond thrilled. Jake’s getting a baby sister :) And he will teach her all sorts of potty talk.

Family is everything. Life is good. And only 20 more weeks till we get to meet our sweet girl.

Oh, and let me just wrap up this past month in a nutshell:

We spent two weeks in Portland watching our niece and nephews while the parents took the trip of a lifetime to Europe. It was wonderful and challenging and definitely a learning/growing experience for us. And Jake LOVED playing with his cousins for two weeks straight.

I started my gestational diabetes deal. I feel like all I eat is rabbit food.

Our car died a violent death. So we got a new car. Well, new to us. It’s amazing. RIP Subaru Outback, you were a trooper!

I’ve written new songs. But there’s a tiny human sitting on my organs making it hard to breathe let alone sing. So… eventually I will get videos up. I keep beating myself up for not doing more with my music, but really, this is life. Life has seasons to it. And right now, my life is in the sweaty, pregnant, huge, sweaty season of Texas Summer whilst pregnant. And it’s only gonna get sweatier. So I’m cutting myself some slack.

Happy Daddy Day!