Songs for Moms!

So did I mention my first legit album was released?!

I write songs about what I’m going through as a way to cope. So naturally, the past few years I’ve written about motherhood. I feel like I’ve summarized motherhood pretty thoroughly in these songs, and I hope that mothers everywhere can relate with the messages in them and feel hope or at least know that someone out there gets it. Motherhood is tough. And wonderful. And so tough.

The album has 8 songs all about mama-ing. I was originally gonna do like, 3… then I thought why not 5…. then I went ahead and did as many as I could because I want these songs out there for other moms,  even if that means they won’t be elaborately arranged. And since I’m a mom with very limited time and resources, I did the best I could with what I had, and that means these songs are simple. It’s basically just me and the piano mostly. But the heart of these songs is in the lyrics, so I hope you listen.

Thanks to all the support I’ve received these past few days. And now that this project is out there, I can finally take time to learn the Ukulele that’s been sitting in my closet since Christmas :)