Motherhood Is.

So, a couple months ago I released my first album, Motherhood Is.

And then motherhood took over, so I have done a crappy job at promoting the album. I have these fantasies where I’m like a social media expert and am all up on instagram and facebook and my blog and keeping up with it all. But fact is, these songs I wrote… they describe my situation very well. It’s busy and exhausting and all-consuming. I honestly don’t know how I even made an album. Especially considering I was unmedicated at the time, ha!

[side note: a blog post or so ago I bragged about how I was getting off of SSRIs. After months of debilitating panic attacks, I’m back on the med train. So kudos to those of you who have successfully gotten off the stuff and have figured out other ways to rock at life. And kudos to those of us who realize we have a serious problem and actually legitimately need help from medication.]


I’m finally getting around to making lyric videos for these songs so they can be up on Youtube. The songs are available wherever you download your music; amazon, iTunes, all that stuff.

Now lets talk about the album’s namesake, this song, Motherhood Is.

It took me a while to finish this song. This one came in bits and pieces. And a few of the lyrics actually came from me asking on Facebook what people would describe motherhood as. I got some great responses, and the rest of the song came together.

I think this song encapsulates (lets pretend I know what that word actually means. I think it means… I don’t know. It sounded right and spell-check didn’t give me a red squiggle so lets go with it) young motherhood in all of its messy, embarrassing, frustrating, gross, amazing, beautiful glory. Motherhood has completely changed me and I’m so grateful for that.

So here it is, “Motherhood Is”. Tell your friends, subscribe, thumbs up, you know.


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