When I Can’t.

Today was rough.

By 10am I had already yelled more than I care to admit. Amy┬áhad already exerted all the strength her 42 pound two-year-old self could muster against me as I tried to get her into the carseat, then once she realized we were going to the gym she lost her ever-loving crap. And then the rest of the day was braking up fights between my two kiddos and trying to keep up on the house while also wishing I could just zone out and watch some trashy TV while eating things I shouldn’t.

So really, business as usual. But guys. Motherhood can be HARD. It’s draining. Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually draining. And some days we just get through the day and I call it a win.

This song is about those days.

I actually started writing it laying in my bed, literally listening to my kids cry in their rooms because I had put them to bed earlier than they were used to and I was just DONE.

I love this song. It’s one that just fell out naturally (why does that sound like some kind of child-birth reference?). As I was writing it, I just felt this relief… like Jesus was saying “Go ahead and rest. I’ll take over from here.”

Anyway. Here’s the lyric video. And heres to all you mamas who just made it through the day today.


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